#2. $2.00 OFF Large Pizza or Calzone w/ Any Toppings 

     Expires 12/31/2018

#3. ONLY $19.99 Large Extra Cheese Pizza w/ 10 Wings

      Expires 12/31/2018.  Not Applicable With House Specialty Pizzas.

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#1. 10% OFF Any Order of $40.00 or more.  

     Expires 12/31/2018

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#5. Party Pizza Special (32 Pieces)   Only  $19.99 

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$5.00 OFF Any Order of  $50 or more.

Expires on 12/31/2018


#4. ONLY $17.99  Med Extra Cheese Pizza w/ 10 Wings

     Expires 12/31//2018.  Not Applicable With House Specialty Pizzas.